Call to Action

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In 2011, young people were subjected in person and on the internet to comments such as, "Just Go Kill Yourself, "You're so GAY," "Bitch," "Faggot," "Retard," "EMO," "Ugly," "Fat," "Slut," "Dyke," "Stupid," "Loser," "Sissy" and many more.

  • 1 in 10 Youth Were Bullied in 2001
  • 1 in 3 Youth Were Bullied in 2011
  • More Than 7 out of 10 Youth Report Bullying As An Ongoing Problem

YES, We Can BE THE CHANGE to decrease those numbers!


  • Join the Bullied to Silence Be the Change Team to help us strengthen the movement to stop verbal and cyber bullying – just enter your city and state and BE COUNTED.
  • Sign up for the e-letter to keep you connected to current information.
  • Text/Tweet/Facebook: "NO More @Bullied to Silence, I am the Change! Ask Me!" to friends/family members and ask them to join you to Be the Change by promoting respect and requesting Bullied to Silence be shown at their school.
  • Host a Screening of Bullied to Silence.
  • Sign up to be a "Be the Change Team Leader" in your school, city or state.

School Related Projects

  • Create a "Be the Change" Banner to hang in the hall that proudly states that every student/teacher/administrator will promote respect and not use hateful or hurtful words.
    Goal: EVERY school community member's signature and most importantly, an atmosphere of respect.
  • Host a community gathering to discuss ways to stop verbal and cyber bullying.
  • Experts from Bullied to Silence may be available as resources.
  • Promote leadership by acknowledging* acts of active bystanders and change by those who stopped bullying. * "A Certificate of Achievement I AM the Change" may be created online.
  • Form a "Be the Change" Club and create activities to promote respect.
  • Already a member of a school club? Suggest a "Be the Change" activity to promote respect for all community members. Challenge each other to bring one other student who they never spent time with before. Great way to make new friends!

At School or Home...alone or with a group

  • Create a Video/Poem/Story/Song/Poster - Tell us how Bullied to Silence inspired you to Be the Change. Send it to and if it is posted on the website, we will send you a movie poster of Bullied to Silence. (Must be 13 years or older or with parental consent to submit a photo).
  • Enter the "Be the Change" T-Shirt/Poster Contest and win free prizes. (No purchase required).

What YOU CAN do as a Parent/Educator to BE THE CHANGE

  • Be a RESPECTFUL Role Model. Choose your words. Words do Hurt. Most bullying starts with verbal bullying.
  • React to the bullied and the bully with RESPECT and ASSERTIVENESS, NOT aggression.
  • Do Not Assume that your child or honor student is not being bullied or bullying!
  • Be an ACTIVE BYSTANDER. If you observe it, ACT, don't overreact and don't ignore!
  • Work together in a manner of cooperation with the school/educator if your child tells you s/he is being bullied or an educator/coach notifies you that your child is bullying. Pointing fingers has not proven to be effective.

Stop Cyber-Bullying!

  • Be aware of what the youth is doing on the Internet. 58% do not tell their parents when someone is abusive online. Be on the lookout for abrupt stops by the youth when using the computer/phone/electronic devices.
  • If you see cyber bullying, capture the image/message and report it to the social media site immediately. Facebook and others have implemented programs to catch and stop cyber bullying.
  • CONTACT your State Senator/Legislator/Dept. of Ed/ Superintendent/School Board and request that s/he view the film and bring it to every school in your state.


Utilize the free tools & information on our resources pages:



Bullied to Silence is an independent film produced and directed exclusively by the filmmakers, Tami Pivnick and Susan Broude. A special thanks to all who helped along the way to make Bullied to Silence a reality. The filmmakers were not paid for their participation; this is a project of passion, hard work and dedication to Be The Change.

NOW, funding is needed to:

  • Subtitle the film for non-English speaking viewers and the hearing impaired.
  • Get this film into all schools, to all lawmakers, to all non-profits, organizations and communities to raise awareness that Words Do Hurt.