Bullied to Silence is THE Film about Bullying you MUST SEE!

A Powerful, Provocative and Timely New Feature Documentary Film That Gives a Voice to the Bullied Child that Will Be The Positive Change to verbal and cyber bullying.

Bullied to Silence is more than a film, it's a movement to Be The Change. Focusing exclusively on hateful and hurtful words and cyber-bullying, Bullied to Silence empowers us to realize that together we can provide the bullied a powerful voice. Together, we can embrace our children for who they are and empower them to believe in themselves. And together, we can be the village that supports the development of happy and healthy youth who themselves can be the change.

Bullied to Silence provides hope and a path for change by not just focusing on the tragedies but on the triumphs and opportunities that result from joining forces and creating positive action:

  • Dozens of youth from all walks of life, ethnicities, physical challenges, sexual orientations, ages and communities throughout the United States tell their stories of being verbally bullied or bullied in cyberspace and share inspiration to overcome the challenges by offering an inspirational message to the child who is desperately seeking a reason to live. Some feel helpless, hopeless, and without healthy options. Honest and heartfelt stories will empower those who remain Bullied to Silence.
  • Bullies speak of their needs and why they bully
  • Bystanders speak out on the positive impact of their actions; Bullied to Silence will empower Bystanders to unite to stop bullying.
  • Parents/educators/lawmakers share what does and does not work to be the change
  • Connect to others who share your frustrations, anger, thoughts and solutions with the role of the home, schools, and society on bullying.
  • Survivors help us to connect to their pain and inspire us with educating us about what could save another life
  • International Anti-Bullying Expert Dr. Michele Borba shares her expertise that provides the needed answers to end this epidemic
  • Gain tools to stop verbal and cyber-bullying by addressing the needs of the bullied and the bully while creating a strong support network for bystanders, parents, teachers and staff
  • Exclusive Harvard University reports on 2011 research including MRI films showing the changes in a youth's brain/emotional toxicity from ridicule and humiliation
  • Original movie soundtrack with original anti-bullying songs by the youth in the film including American Idol Semi-Finalist Brett Loewenstern and Award-winning Songwriter Suzie Schomaker

"Sticks and stones may break your bones but Words DO hurt; Words Kill. In 2011, young people were subjected to comments such as, “Just Go Kill Yourself, "You're so GAY," “Bitch,” "Faggot," “Retard,” "EMO," "Ugly," "Fat," "Slut,” “Dyke,” “Stupid,” “Loser,” "Sissy," in person and on the internet.
YES, approximately 160,000 young people miss school every day out of fear of being bullied.
YES, more than 7 of 10 students report bullying as an ongoing issue.

YES, we can BE THE CHANGE to decrease those numbers:
The September 2012 GLSEN* Report of the 2011 School Climate Survey for the first time, clearly shows both decreases in negative indicators of school climate and continued increases in most LGBT**-related school resources and support .

* Gay/Lesbian/Straight/Education Network | **Lesbian/Gay /Bisexual/Transgender


Every child deserves respect, honor and dignity.

Discussions, tool kits, advocacy opportunities and other actions and assets will be provided with the film, through the website and in cooperation with other partners.