Ann Kirkpatrick, U.S. Congresswoman from Arizona


Ann Kirkpatrick, U.S. House of Representatives, Arizona District One, has endorsed Bullied to Silence, and recommended the film to U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, to share with schools and community-based youth programs throughout the country.


Representative Kirkpatrick's Letter to U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan


Janice J. Montgomery, M.Ed.

Janice Montgomery, Director of Student Services, Sedona Charter School endorses Bullied to Silence


Bullied to Silence IS the Change

I found the film engaging and educative. I feel teenage children and parents can really identify with this. The students felt very sad for the kids who were victims and they also felt that the stories were real and do happen just like they happened for the victims. As far as seeing a difference in numbers of incidents I can safely say things seem to be reported more often. I also refer to the movie when things do occur and the kids have a universal way of understanding because they saw the movie together. Stories always help, and real testimonies always help. Our staff did a lot of work on the causes of bullying and why bullies bully and how to help bullies stop and we also did four activities with each 7th and 8th grader the day after the movie. We had a very positive response over all.

Dr. Lisa Hirsch, Principal
West Sedona Elementary School

We took our 6th- 8th grade classes to see Bullied To Silence in the Fall 2012-13. Since then, there have been NO formal complaints submitted by any student in our Middle School and I have to think it has at least been due in part to the reaction from the movie. I followed up in grades 4 - 6. Since the 6th graders had seen the movie, they each shared with their younger classmates the themes and details from the movie. The younger students were very attentive and asked in depth questions.

Since Fall, we have had numerous class meetings. The movie was mentioned by students that were impacted by it. They have brought up and followed through with definitions and actions that can be taken to prevent the pain of bullying.

Kudos to you for your presentation of a serious problem in the communication and care for others. You have truly made an impact and we can now say that, "We are the change!"

Janice J. Montgomery, Director of Student Services
Sedona Charter School 


Touched. This has inspired me to confront the bullies still in my life. Thank you so much! I want to see it again.

Amanda Goins, Board Member
PFLAG Phoenix, April 7, 2013

It was amazing. As a trans person, the bullying is just as prevalent as an adult as it is to the youth. Education. Awareness can change people.

Dana Estrada, Board Member
PFLAG Phoenix, April 7, 2013

I am inspired, and challenged to pay more attention to my own attitudes, actions, and words. I am saddened and fearful for our youth, but am hopeful for progress.

Amnesty International Member, April 7, 2013

Great varied perspectives. Thank you for being a voice for those who feel they don’t have a voice.

Amnesty International Member; straight ally of LGBTQ Community, April 7, 2013

Bullied to Silence should be required viewing for every child, teen, adolescent and their families. If an entire generation saw this film, bullying may be a thing of the past! Such powerful stories; such emotion; and such bravery for these victims to tell their stories. Filmmakers Tami Pivnick and Susan Broude have made a deeply moving and compelling film filled with hope, inspiration and love, The Q&As for the film have lasted almost as long as the film runtime itself. People feel compelled to talk about it; people want to share their stories; people want to embrace the courageous people who are featured in the film and have opened up so that others don't have to suffer in silence. Mostly, people want to make a difference and help spread the message that is in this film. Bullied to Silence is one of those rare gems that comes along and spurs you to action. Don't just take my word for it ... watch it with an audience and see the reactions for yourself. There will be no better testimonial than witnessing what unfolds. Truly inspiring and deeply moving! BRAVO!

Patrick Schweiss, Director
Sedona International Film Festival

We found many of the stories in the film to be quite moving, and the message of respect and inclusion definitely resonated for us. I also want to acknowledge that the film has many wonderful elements and that it makes an important contribution to the national dialogue around bullying.

Scott Hirschfeld, Education Division
Anti-Defamation League

I can't wait to utilize this powerful film as a tool for the necessary, ongoing education and awareness about anti-bias and diversity.

Laurie Provost, May 11, 2012
GLSEN Phoenix, AZ

A strong and powerful message that is greatly misunderstood by many people. An awakening to those who fail to see the seriousness of bullying

Raymond Cota, July 30, 2012
Chief of Police, Sedona, AZ Police Dept.

You both are incredible! What a wonderful film from the messaging to the production it was fantastic. Of course the content was presented in such a way that I believe everyone watching it is weighing their words from this day forward and spreading the message.

Roberta Scharf, Director of Development
Jewish Community Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ

Powerful, Enlightening and Inspiring! We are still drying our eyes. It truly is a movie that every educator, student and family should see. We LOVE IT!

Anthony Brisson, June 27, 2012
Connecticut State Education Resource Center

It moved me emotionally. I am interested in discussing how I, as a Mayor can help educate and create strategies to address bullying in our community.

Rob Adams, July 30, 2012
Mayor, Sedona, AZ

I was so moved by the movie and words by you and the "actors" at the end. The graphics, lettering, music, and editing were all extraordinary. I especially liked the added 6 - 8 seconds at the end of many of the interviews where they nod, or get teary, or just show their feelings after they are officially "done" with the interview. One rarely sees that in this fast-paced world of quick clips. Bravo. Proud of you. May this touch many souls and influences positive legislation.

Rabbi Alicia Magal, May 4, 2012
Jewish Community of Sedona, AZ & the Verde Valley     


So, so fantastic! Having taught middle and high school, I am positive that the tone and presentation of this will resonate with young people. It is current and relatable, real and tragic--all qualities that they find irresistible.Young people's herd instinct is so strong, and the desire to be like everyone else overwhelms them. Why can't we acknowledge differences from the beginning, from when they're very young? Acknowledge them and then teach the children to accept them--and if they can't, then at the very least tolerate them. Parents, too. They're half the battle. I'm thrilled that so many people were given a voice in this film, especially the teenagers with no familial support. You are saving lives.

Mindy Dennis, May 2013
Co-Owner/Co-Director Southern Magnolia Montessori School, Abita Springs, LA

One common ideological sleight of hand is to insist something doesn’t exist because we don’t have a vocabulary for it, a sense of its dynamic, its structure, its consequences. Such an ideology promotes silence and invisibility, and often affects principally, but not always, social minorities. Undertakings such as Bullied to Silence are a necessary response to practices of silence and invisibility, in that they provide a vocabulary and describe the dynamic of what would otherwise conveniently be left under-represented and, therefore, be allowed to continue unchallenged. In a very real sense, productions like Bullied to Silence are the antithesis of silence: the eloquence of this production, its relentless accumulation of evidence and testimony, and its uncompromising commitment to speaking up and speaking out shatters the silence in a meaningful and definitive way.

David William Foster, April 2013
Regents' Professor of Spanish & Women & Gender Studies, Arizona State University

One aspect in the film I found very provocative was the idea that those who are bullied are more likely to bully others — I think this is the key insight concerning how there can be a general increase of bullying and disrespectful communications in the culture more generally, even in contexts other than schools.

John M. Johnson, Professor Emeritus
Arizona State University, April 7, 2013

Very moving. I did find numerous points ... I could identify with. Made me think more about my own behavior.

Joanne Tactikos, April 7, 2013

The film was beautiful, amazing and inspirational. I loved it. This is a message that needs to be spread all over the world. I would like this film to be shown at all schools as part of an anti-bullying campaign.

Nikki Rivera, Parent, April 7, 2013

My students were touched by a very powerful and humbling documentary about a subject they are faced with and participate in daily. It was mind boggling for them to actually meet the individuals, teens that the movie was about. For some of my students, it was the first time they displayed emotions in public. I recommend that every school look into viewing this Earth Shattering Documentary about an epidemic in our schools today!

Skinner Danny Watkins, Director
Bridgeway Alternative Program, May 3, 2012

I was delighted to see the reaction of 855 middle school students who witness the showing of "Bullied to Silence: Words Do Hurt – Be the Change" in our auditorium as part of our Third Annual Acts of Kindness Summit. The words of the young people in film really hit home. I think this film helped change our school culture for the better!

Tommy Brow, Principal
Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, MA

This film needs to be shared with Northwest Independent School District in Tarrant County and Denton County, Texas. Thank you.

Julie Russell, May 15, 2012

Just had the pleasure to see the premiere in Phoenix! As an educator and GLSEN volunteer trainer, I have to say this film is going to make such a difference in helping the cause of helping schools become safer for all students across the country!

Quentin Rinker, Volunteer Trainer
GLSEN Phoenix

I feel as an educator, parent, community member this movie is critical for everyone parents and students to see. Knowledge is power.

Kathy Moore, July 30, 2012
Counselor, Sedona Oak Creek, AZ Unified School District

Beautifully done & edited. Compelling, reaches viewers of all ages. Whether they’ve been bullied or have been bullies themselves. Bravo!

Elaine Rankin, July 30, 2012
Counselor, Sedona, AZ Red Rock H.S.

Deeply moving! A powerful reminder of how painful bullying can be!

Paul Friedman, Educator, July 30, 2012

I was very touched and inspired.

Jessica Sierra, Educator, July 30, 2012

Wow! I have procrastinated watching the trailer since I knew it would be hard especially after seeing the Bully movie again recently. To hear that the responsibility is put on the parents, the parents should be held accountable, I couldn't believe my ears! FINALLY people are brave enough to say this. Thank you for doing this, thank you for being blatantly honest about where the problem lies! Thank you for being his voice and for being the voice for so many of our babies who are no longer here and for those who are still here living this hell!

Nancy Peterson Walz, IL
Mother of Scott Walz 9/12/91-3/4/10

Thank you to all of the brave people who shared their stories, and a bit of themselves. This is an amazing film!! This is a must see. Be the change that you want to see. It definitely was inspiring...thank you.

Jens YourGirl, May 12, 2012

Thank you all for a wonderful film. Thank you for sharing your stories!! What you are doing is great and every one needs to see this film.

Jamie Metzler, May 12, 2012

Relevant and powerful, courageous cast and filmmakers Tami Pivnick and Susan Broude were present for Q&A... The screening drew a crowd of friends all committed to making a difference in our world!

Sherab W Khandro, May 4, 2012

The film is moving and extremely touching. While watching the film, I was thinking about my own experiences - being bullied and being the bully. Everyone must see this amazing film! Well done!

Tara Hughes, May 2, 2012

This movie had a huge personal emotional impact on me that I did not expect. It is important and relevant for adults and children. My hope is that everyone I know and love will see this movie and share it with people they know so we can put an end to words that hurt.

Kerie Shea Trindle Byrne, May 2, 2012

So inspired after seeing the premier of Bullied to Silence Film created with love by Susan Broude & Tami Pivnick and an incredible cast! Don't ever let anybody say that this next generation isn't one of the greatest; they really are the change generation.

Rennie Gold, Artistic Director
Project Moves-The Gold Dance Studio, MA

I just want to thank Susan & Tami for letting Advantage Audio be a part of their powerful & moving film...

Jim Hodson, President/CEO, March 3, 2012
Advantage Audio Inc., Burbank, CA

Wonderful opening. Super Q&A with a very brave cast. Altogether a great documentary! Powerful and gripping. BRAVO! Needs wide distribution.

Stephanie Brand, May 6, 2012

Very well done! An excellent contribution to everyone - young and old. Bullying occurs everywhere. It is the disempowered looking for power.

Christine Adams, July 30, 2012 Wife of Mayor, Sedona, AZ

Thank you for this work - it truly is all our responsibility to open our hearts to this conversation. And continue to educate everyone that this behavior is learned and taught and often allowed at every age. "Let us be the change we wish to see in the world!

Kathy Watson, May 13, 2012

I was soooo extremely impressed with your film; it's depth, sensitivity and creativity. You both did an outstanding job and you should be extremely proud of yourselves. It should certainly be shown in every school in the USA and abroad. Thanks for bringing this wonderful film to all of us.

Clare Small, May 4, 2012

The people in the movie are very brave.

Sister Marie Elle E'Phant, May 6, 2012 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Great job on the film! Kudos particularly on the editing. You both have a lot to be proud of!!

Tommy Stovall, May 4, 2012
Director, "Hate Crime" & "Sedona The Movie"

Wonderful!! Thank you Bullied to Silence Film for doing so much to end bullying! We all Love you!

Debbie Scaduto, May 18, 2012

I saw this amazing film, and shouted "Bravo." What a strong message and powerfully presented documentary. It nicely balanced the harsh and heavy side of bullying, and the sense of hope and heroism. This is a must-see for kids who need to understand what they can do, parents who need to know how to respond, and school administrators and teachers who should do a better job of stopping this practice. Thanks, Tami and Susan, for making this timely and excellent film, which can be rented and shown to audiences large and small.

Larry Rosenberg, Sept. 11, 2012
President, Communication Miracles Consulting     


I felt this was a very powerful film that not only changed my perspective of the victim and bystander but also the bully.

Nicolas, 7th grade student, April 7, 2013

Very moving and inspired me to become even more aware and sensitive to this issue.

Arizona State University Student, April 7, 2013

A wonderful message, needs to be heard by more people. Ignorance is a horrible disease and needs to be cured.

Jordan Quintana
Arizona State University Student, April 7, 2013

I saw this in my school today and I really appreciate you showing it people don't fully comprehend how far words can go, thank you.

Dara F., May 23, 2012

I watched it at school today so sad and reminds me when I got bullied and I feel bad for the people on the film that got bullied too.

Caroline P., May 23, 2012

Thank you so much for everything that you have done. You guys are truly an inspiration to me.

Kacey E., May 13, 2012

The word must be spread. The world must know, and things must change! Make a point to see this movie, and make a point to make a change in someone’s life! Thank you to the amazing creators and cast of this movie for believing and beginning. The beginning of change!

Calum Searle, May 5, 2012

Thank you Tami and Susan for inviting us to be a part of Bullied to Silence. The movie is fantastic and we will do everything we can to make sure it is seen by everyone!

Michael & Marisa, April 19, 2012
Michael & Marisa describe Bullied to Silence Movie

It was so great to see it here in Phoenix. It was an amazing experience with the most loving people to meet. I loved it and i hope it can be shown at my school soon. :)

Abbie B., May 12, 2012

I saw this today at school and I now know I want to help prevent bulling. Thank you everyone. You guys helped me to fully understand why I should make a difference and how I can make a difference. I want to help stop bullying. You guys have inspired me to stand up and say hey that's not right. So thank you.

Nick E., May 23, 2012

I really loved the movie, it made me think about how I’m being bullied... being called a nerd and being teased about being a tomboy and about the things I like...and also about having so many friends that are guys. Lots of people do it to's not fair...what did I do to them. I’m proud to be a nerd! It's not right that people are getting bullied. I've been bullied for a long time, in school and when I go to summer camp. I protect my sister at all cost, she is getting bullied too...but since we are on different teams, so it's hard to keep tabs on her during the day... I hope others can feel my pain and help in the fight against bullying.

Holly P., May 23, 2012


We really enjoyed Bullied to Silence and agree it's a powerful and important film. One that deserves to be in every school in the country.

Benjamin Crossley-Marra, Director of Theatrical Marketing
Zeitgeist Films Ltd., NY, July 2013