Michele Borba, Ph.D - International Anti-Bullying Expert


Dr. Michele Borba, (The Today Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) is recognized globally for her work in bullying prevention and character education. She appears in Bullied to Silence as the predominant expert. Michele Borba is an award-winning author of 22 parenting and educational books and has appeared over 100 times on national media as the "go-to" expert on parenting, bullying prevention and other youth issues. She has a Doctorate in Educational Psychology and M.A. in Learning Disabilities.

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The Essential 6 R's of Bullying Prevention

Free 32 page download of Dr. Michele Borba's training manual 6 R's of Effective Bullying Prevention

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Nikki Kontz, LMSW - Clinical Director, Teen Lifeline, Inc.

Ms. Kontz works daily with youth who provide a safe, confidential and crucial crisis service where teens help teens make healthy decisions. Nikki has worked many years in her career to implement the Teen Lifeline (TLL) vision to impact the devastating problem of teen suicide so that any teen at any time will have knowledge and access to TLL, its counselors and services. Ms. Kontz adds awareness to the relationship or lack thereof, of bullying and suicide, the role of parents, society, educators and others on bullying and conducts round-table discussions with teen peer counselors who have bullied and been bullied in Bullied to Silence.