Bullied to Silence should be required viewing for every child, teen, adolescent and their families. If an entire generation saw this film, bullying may be a thing of the past! This film is deeply moving and compelling, filled with hope, inspiration and love. People want to share their stories; people want to embrace the courageous people who are featured in the film and have opened up so that others don’t have to suffer in silence. Mostly, people want to make a difference and help spread the message that is in this film.
— Patrick Schweiss, Director/Sedona International Film Festival

School administrators

The Department of Education for each state, School Administrators, School Counselors, and state lawmakers are in a unique and important position to provide the necessary tools to stop the verbal and cyber bullying epidemic that now exists in the U.S. and beyond.

Bullied to Silence allows you, as the leaders of our school systems and educational experience for our youth, to provide much needed answers to those who are on the forefront of bullying every day. Designed as a tool to open the discussion, bring awareness to the reality of verbal and cyber bullying, and to suggest approaches to implement, this film may be used in strategy sessions, teacher training, school sensitivity seminars and is appropriate for Grades 3-college students.


Educators will want to see “Bullied to Silence” to experience stories from the bullied to heighten their awareness that “Words do Hurt.” Beyond the stories, are the much-needed tools educators need to stop bullying among their students.

Bullied to Silence delivers a message of assertive, not aggressive reaction to the bully and the bullied. It allows the educator to learn heightened awareness of the role s/he can play in eliminating verbal and cyber bullying. It promotes a positive, inspirational message of validation and sensitivity.

Educators are role models to youth. Sometimes, without realizing it, statements are made that invalidate youth who are being bullied. Becoming aware of the messages we all choose to share with our youth can empower us to each be responsible to not contribute to bullying.

Awareness will help educators to not ignore comments made amongst students so that they can immediately become the solution to stop the situation from continuing. Educators have an incredible opportunity to be the change that meets the needs of the bully to get the resources s/he needs to stop the behavior and of the bullied to build self-esteem and move on with positive options.

Tools to accompany Bullied to Silence include the free 32 page downloadable pdf, "6 R's that Reduce Bullying," educators, written by the international expert on bullying in Bullied to Silence, Michele Borba and is available on the website.

Age Appropriateness

Most educators feel that Bullied to Silence is appropriate for Grade 5 and up. Some have found it very effective in Grades 3 and 4.

PArents/Primary youth caretakers

Parents should see this film for many reasons.

If you are a parent and your child is being bullied, Bullied to Silence will not only bring your awareness to possible experiences your child is having, it will give you tools to help your child learn skills to overcome the bullying and make healthy choices. It will allow you to validate your child. No child comes with a manual and “Bullied to Silence” will allow you to see that statements such as “Bullying is just part of growing up,” or ‘Just Get Over It,” or “Just Ignore It,” or “Everyone gets bullied,” as statements that are detrimental to the youth's self-esteem.

Some parents will see Bullied to Silence and perhaps see a mirror image of themselves. Some of us do and say things that as a role model to youth, may not be the example we wish to create. Bullied to Silence will allow parents to be aware of what youth who observe them are being taught, even if inadvertently.

Parents will also experience the bully and may recognize his or her child as functioning in a similar manner. Rather than encouraging a possible common response like, “My child would never bully,” when a school, club organizer or other person approaches the parent that his or her child may be bullying, ‘Bullied to Silence” demonstrates techniques for the parent to implement to help address the needs of his or her child so that bullying behavior stops.

More than just stories of those bullied and of the bullies, “Bullied to Silence” creates awareness and answers for parents and caretakers of our youth.

Parent teacher association/organization

The PTO/PTA of any school is fueled by adults who are concerned and motivated for the youth in that community to be provided with the most advanced tools so that they thrive in the school environment. Bullied to Silence is THE 2012 bullying movie that you want the administrators, educators and youth to see so that the bullied are given a voice and the bully is assertively, not aggressively, approached.

Sometimes when resources are not readily available for a school, an epidemic such as verbal and cyber bullying can be ignored, which can lead to an increase in occurrences. Administrators and faculty can become frustrated without the answers or tools available to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, this can cause them to look the other way. Our youth and schools need our support.

Bullied to Silence provides the needed information and tools so that we can all work together to be the change to stop verbal and cyber bullying. As a key player in the educational system, a PTO/PTA can recommend this film to the schools and provide for it to be shown to the administrators, staff, educators and students.