Bullied to Silence is more than a feature documentary. It's a new movement to, as Gandhi said, "… be the change you wish to see in the world." Together, we can provide the bullied a powerful voice. Together, we can embrace our children for who they are and empower them to believe in themselves. And together, we can be the village that supports the development of happy and healthy youth who themselves can be the change.

Bullied to Silence (B2S) is a unique catalyst for change in several key ways:

B2S clearly documents the impact of words.

  • Focuses exclusively on the physical and emotional impact of words stated in person or through cyber-bullying, including parents whose words tell their child that s/he is not accepted for who s/he is and from those who have been called every imaginable hateful or hurtful word.
  • Dr. Michele Borba, (The Today Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) is recognized globally for her work in bullying prevention and character education. She appears in Bullied to Silence as the predominant expert. "If bullying is learned, we can turn it around", says Michele.
  • Reports on 2011 research including actual MRI films and results showing the changes in the brain and the emotional toxicity to youth from exposure to ridicule and humiliation from parents and peers parallel that of sexual abuse by a non-family member (Dr. Martin H. Teicher, Director, Developmental Bio-psychiatry Research Program; McLean Hospital; Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School).
  • Includes the latest U.S. Department of Education, Olweus and other research/statistics.

B2S provides hope and a path for change by not just focusing on the tragedies but on the triumphs and opportunities that result from joining forces and creating positive action.

  • Dozens of bullied youth from all walks of life, ethnicities, physical challenges, sexual orientations, communities and ages who share their stories of coming close to ending their lives and are now empowered to be the change.
  • Caleb Laieski, formerly bullied with anti-gay slurs and now a national activist against bullying including attendance at the White House Conference on Bullying and the LGBT Appreciation Day.
  • Bridget Pettis, recently-retired Phoenix Mercury WNBA Assistant Coach, who discloses her personal story of being bullied and discusses her basketball program for youth and how she, and we all, can inspire change.
  • An exclusive interview with Brett Loewenstern, 16, Top 24 American Idol contestant who discloses being bullied and hospitalized, and his determination to overcome it and participate in American Idol. Brett's new anti-bullying song is released in the film.
  • Youth, including those bullied, by-standers and bullies themselves, writing and performing anti-bullying songs, dancing, creating art, and being activists to ensure anti-bullying policies in school districts in each state.
  • Footage from the White House Anti-Bullying Conference including comments from President and First Lady Obama.

B2S gives voice to those who have been bullied and allows them, and those close to them, to tell their own stories.

  • The last footage of Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, who took his own life as a result of the constant bullying and a poignant tribute by Lady Gaga.
  • Letters written by and conversations with survivors including: Masika Bermudez, mother of Jaheem Herrera, 10; Brad DeVries, father of Bree, 14; Kevin Epling, father of Matt Epling, 14 and Veronica Winters-Everly, mother of McKenna, 13.
  • Extensive conversation with a relative of Tyler Clementi who jumped from the George Washington Bridge after being cyber-bullied at Rutgers University, including the eulogy she delivered at his private memorial service.
  • Footage of Teen Lifeline, a peer suicide prevention hotline, including a phone call from a youth being bullied at school and rejected by her parents and a round-table discussion of the detriment of hateful words.
  • The only US interview of Casey Heynis, 16, of Australia, who garnered YouTube fame when he "snapped" after 4 years of being verbally bullied.

BULLIED TO SILENCE provides tools to stop verbal and cyber-­bullying by addressing the needs of the bullied and the bully while creating a strong support network for communities including bystanders, parents, educators and staff.

This is THE Bully Film You Want to See.